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LuxuryGoods Market ChinaL‟OrealChina Luxury Division2TODAY‟S TOPICS —OVERVIEWI. Research Methodology
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2014年全球高端奢侈品消费者洞察:波士顿咨询BCG同意大利奢侈品行业协会Altagamma合作的True Luxury Global Consumer Insight 2014.pdf
True-LuxuryGlobal Consumer Insight Antonio Achille, Partner ManagingDirector Milan, January 22nd, 20
BCG波士顿咨询altagamma:True-luxury global consumer insight 2016年全球奢侈品消费者研究报告.pdf
BostonConsulting Group, Inc. All rights reserved. True-Luxury Global Consumer Insight Milan, Februar
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Luxury:Social Media LuxuryBrands China2011 GroupM Knowledge CICWhite Paper Luxury:Social Media Luxur
2015年全球高端奢侈品消费者洞察 波士顿咨询BCG 意大利奢侈品行业协会Altagamma: True Luxury Global Consumer Insight 2015.pdf
意大利奢侈品行业协会(Altagamma)本周二在米兰举办了“Altagamma Consumer and Retail Insight”论坛。2014年的后半段,时尚趋势发生改变,捉摸不定的消费者令各品牌高管感到棘手,所以定位目标客户和识别消费者习惯是本次论坛的焦点议题。

与波士顿咨询集团(BCG)合作的“True Luxury Global Consumer Insight”报告第二版

BCG 走访了 20多个国家 4万消费者,聚焦年均消费在 2万欧元以上的消费者,指出 2014年全球奢侈品消费者共计 3.9亿人,总消费额达 7550亿欧元,仅占据总人数 4%的核心高端消费者为整个奢侈品市场贡献了近 30%。

预计到 2021年,奢侈品消费者人数将上升到 4.65亿,个人购物式消费将逐年增长 4.7%,体验式奢侈消费将增长 6.7%。

BCG 的董事总经理和合伙人 Antonio Achille 表示,“奢侈品行业消费者的信心,包括体验式奢侈消费,在 2015年会有所增强。奢侈品行业的增长,40%将归功于那些顶级奢侈品。”
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2010Europe: Branded Consumer Goods: Luxury Goods trilliondollar global industry additional644 mn mid
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Mckinsey China Luxury Market 2011.pdf
I just read McKinsey & Company´s opulent report on China´s luxury market, entitled, "Understanding China´s Growing Love for Luxury." The report asks the following questions:

Who are China´s luxury consumers?
What are they looking for?
How do they make decisions?
How do they differ from their counterparts elsewhere?
It then proceeds to answers these questions (and a whole lot more) based on "an extensive survey of over 1,500 luxury consumers across 17 China cities."

This is an excellent and comprehensive report and if you want to know about China´s luxury market or just Chinese consumers in general, this free report is a must read.
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