A History of China中国的历史(英文原版).pdf
ChapterIChapter IIChapter IIIChapter IVChapter VChapter VIChapter VIIChapter VIIIChapter IXChapter X
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英文原版 美国历史大百科 Encyclopedia of U.S. History Part 2.pdf
twenty-firstcenturyIn August 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed NewOrleansand became one worstnatural
War, Peace, and Power - Diplomatic History of Europe, 15002000.pdf
War,Peace, Power:Diplomatic History Europe,1500–2000 Parts I–III Professor Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius
托福写作必备英文原版书USA History in Brief.pdf
AGeorgeWashington addressing ConstitutionalConvention Philadelphia,1787.INTRODUCTIONThe history Unit
世界史百科全书(卷六下)Encyclopedia of World History Volume 6.pdf
世界史百科全书(卷六下)Encyclopedia of World History Volume 6世界史百科全书(卷六下)Encyclopedia of World History Volume 6世界史百科全书(卷六下)Encyclopedia of World History Volume 6
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kACHILDS HISTORY ENGLANDbyCharlesDickensA Penn State Electronic Classics Series Publicationo kAChild
(整理)爱尔兰历史:Irish History.pdf
爱尔兰历史第五讲 爱尔兰历史 录(CONTENT)Abstract (1)凯尔特入侵(CelticInvasion) (2)诺曼入侵(NormanInvasion) 10(5)都铎王朝(The Tud
医学史简论(11) A Brief History of Medicine - 浙江大学.ppt
Medicine:itspast, present future浙江大学医学院 诺贝尔生于瑞典的斯德哥尔摩。他一生致力于炸药的研究,在硝化甘油的研究方面取得了重大成就。他不仅从事理论研究,而且进行工业
法律经济学的历史与方法论The History and Methodology of Law and Economics.pdf
10000INTRODUCTORYBOOKS Copyright 1999 Boudewijn Bouckaert GerritDe GeestBibliography Collected Edito
经济学思想史:批判的视角 History of Economic Thought: A Critical Perspective.epub
《经济学思想史:批判的视角》The new edition of this classroom classic retains the organizing theme of the original text, presenting the development of thought within the context of economic history. Economic ideas are framed in terms of the spheres of production and circulation, with a critical analysis of how past theorists presented their ideas. This third edition is more accessible to both undergraduate and graduate level courses with the placement of more formal presentations within appendices. The text also develops more fully the ideas of some of the early post-Keynesians, such as Joan Robinson, Nicholas Kaldor, and Roy Harrod, while the last three chapters are brought up-to-date by including the Great Recession of 2007-2009. Instructor´s Materials with PowerPoint slides are available to adopting faculty.
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