Guidance for industries stability testing of drug substances and drug products.pdf
IndustryStabilityTesting DrugSubstancesand Drug ProductsDRAFT GUIDANCEThis guidance document beingdi
德国BASF处方工艺集BASF Generic Drug Formulations 2005.pdf
BASFPharma Ingredients Generic Drug Formulations 20052 Tablets obtainedby direct compression2.1 Size
目前的和新兴的药物治疗手册Wiley Handbook of Current and Emerging Drug Therapies, Vol 1-4(2007).pdf
目前的和新兴的药物治疗手册Wiley Handbook of Current and Emerging Drug Therapies, Vol 1-4(2007)
"Wiley Handbook of Current and Emerging Drug Therapies" a very useful resource in our reference collection. It provides our users with a good overview of the drug development process. And, also looks at therapeutic area trends in research and development of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. Our users appreciate having a single source for acquiring information for both the analysis of currently approved drugs and those drugs emerging for the different therapeutic areas. The thorough bibliographies at the end of each section are also very helpful. In addition, the separate "subject" and "drug and molecular name" indexes make the handbook very easy to use.
Drug Absorption Studies:药物吸收研究.pdf
DrugAbsorption StudiesBiotechnology: Pharmaceutical AspectsVolume PharmaceuticalProfiling DrugDiscove
How many drug targets are there.pdf
US$50billion developmenteach year, moleculartargets modernpharmacopoeia acts on. developpredictive m
Structure-based Drug Design - CDFD.ppt
Structure-based Drug Design - CDFD
Polymers in Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems.pdf
Polymers in Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems
The future of drug-eluting stents.pdf
PharmacologicalResearch 57 (2008) 171–180PerspectiveThe future drug-elutingstentsNeville Kukreja, Yo