The Impact of Brand Image on Consumer Behaviour of Luxury Goods of Fashion Industry in China.pdf
BrandImage ConsumerBehaviour LuxuryGoods FashionIndustry Chi-WenCheng 2006 Dissertationpresented par
Beyond the Image of Foreign Direct Investment in China Where ethics meets public relations.pdf
ForeignDirectInvestment China:Where ethicsmeets public relationsJeremy DonohueJinpeiWuABSTRACT. Whil
Business image of CHINA From perspective of the African businessmen in Guangzhou.pdf
学校代码:10036捌矽手芗亏(节贸易声学硕士学位论文中国的商务形象研究:以广州的非洲商人社区为例培养单位:专业名称:研究方向:作者:指导教师:日 期:英语学院外国语言学及应用语言学商务沟通西麦纳冯悦
business image of china from perspective of the african businessmen in guangzhou.pdf
学校代码:10036例矽手芗亏f节贸易声学 硕士学位论文 中国的商务形象研究:以广州的非洲商人社 培养单位:专业名称: 研究方向: 作者: 指导教师: 日期: 英语学院 外国语言学及应用语言学 商务沟
East of the image of China in the Context.doc
East of the image of China in the Context
面纱下的中国形象--从跨文化解读电影《面纱》中的中国形象 The Image of China Under the Veil--to Interpret the Image of China in the FilmThe Veilfrom a Cross-cultural Perspective.pdf
电影《面纱》是根据英国著名作家毛姆的同名长篇小说“ThePainted Veil”(1925年)改编拍摄,原著也被人译为《彩色的面纱》、《华丽的面纱》。这部影片在全球上映后,得到了观众以及影评家的大加
The Influence of Culture and Biographical Variables on the Brand Image of Google and Baidu:An Exploratory Study in Guangzhou,China.doc
BiographicalVariables BrandImage Baidu:AnExploratory Study Guangzhou,China[摘要]The study found signif
Urban space visual media and image of women - the image of China´s contemporary history of film and television actress youth gradient.doc
Urbanspace visual media China’scontemporary history televisionactress youth gradient ruralareas, cit
the image of china.doc
the image of chinathe image of chinathe image of china
news media and national image_a comparison of china daily and the new york times from a cultural perspective.pdf
学校代码:10036例矽}多重(节贸易声学 University InternationalBusiness Economics硕士学位论文 新闻媒体与国家形象:对《中国日报》与《纽 约时报》的跨文化

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