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策划/本刊编辑部成也微笑曲线,“败”也微笑曲线。宏基确实与微笑曲线有着不解之缘。但是,当把适用于行业的微笑曲线用到一个企业的具体管理时,微笑曲线还能“微笑”起来吗? 在今天的PC业界,最炙手可热的公司
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《黑莓8900Blackberry Curve 使用简报》 (2009-02-01 22:55:53) 作者:dennis81625 引自:Hipda 论坛 2008 年应该是我换机最勤的年份之一了,
商务英语原文--Shorten Your Iinternet Business Learning Curve.txt
If you are considering starting an internet business, I have some bad news for you: 95% of new internet businesses fail. This statistic, although depressing is factual. It means that for every 10 people who start a business online, 9 are going to fail. My reason for revealing this frightening statistic is not to scare you but to make you assess your odds of being in the 95% bracket. First of all, I want you to know that there are various reasons for this high failure rate. But if I were to summarize them under a&
邮件营销邮件标题的"CURVE"法则 - 营销管理.txt
营销管理你的邮件被淹没?被删除?症结可能就在于你的邮件标题! 标题往往是决定邮件是否被打开的关键因素。试想一下,即使你的邮件被ISP 自动归类到垃圾邮件或广告邮件,或者,虽然被ISP 归类到收件箱但却
商务英语原文--Tracking Market Trends How To Source Products Ahead Of The Curve.txt
Product sourcing is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. Too many e-tailers find a product and supplier, and think they´re done. But every product trend has a life-cycle - what your customers want today is <i>not</i> what they´re going to want in six months. You need to watch carefully where trends in your niche market are going, or you´ll soon find yourself sourcing products that are yesterday´s news.
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