Performance Analysis of Continuous Wavelength Optical Burst Switching Networks

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文档简介:Considering the economic and technical aspects of wavelength converters, full wavelength conversion capability will not be available throughout optical networks in the foreseeable future. In this paper we have used balanced static wavelength assignment (BSWA) algorithm. It is a technique to improve the performance of an all-optical network in respect of blocking probability & other parameters to provide cost effective optical communication system. We carried out the performance analysis of wavelength-continuous optical burst switching network-using BSWA for the network topologies namely NSFNET and INTERNET2NET with the initial assumption that there is no wavelength converter or optical buffer in the networks. For simulation we have used a powerful tool MatplanWDM. The performance analysis of burst loss probability v/s traffic load using BSWA algorithm shows that its performance is better than other static wavelength assignment algorithm. We have also explored the performances of NSFNET and INTERNET2NET networks on the basis of channel utilization, message delay, and the ratio of traffic transferred in single hop to total traffic offered against percentage of reused wavelength in the network. It has been observed that channel utilization becomes the maximum for 40% of reused wavelengths per fiber and beyond that cost of network unnecessary increases. By the performance analysis of message propagation delay for both network Topology, it is observed that message propagation delay, is minimum at 40% of reused wavelength per fiber and it becomes constant beyond that. It is therefore recommended that reused wavelengths per fiber should not exceed 40 % of the total available wavelength so as to yield cost effective solution with optimum performance.

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Performance Analysis of Continuous Wavelength Optical Burst Switching Networks




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