Splash Retrospective Edited by Rachel Rubin Wolf

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Splash Retrospective
Edited by Rachel Rubin Wolf
All the objects in this still life, including the tablecloth, were painted using
a layered glazing technique. To obtain the soft, cottony feel of the cloth, I
first painted the shadow, applying three separate glazes of Cobalt Blue,
Winsor Red and Winsor Yellow, allowing each glaze to dry thoroughly before
proceeding to the next. Thus, the finished shadow, although having an
overall gray appearance, actually has numerous temperature and value
variations that bring it to life. Then I softened the edges of the shadow and
added the checkerboard pattern, following the contours of the folds.
Rachel’s reflection
“There’s something quiet about the color in this still life. Even though it’s
outside in bright sunlight, the primary colors are subdued like a peaceful,
quiet morning. The perched sparrow hesitates, calculating its chances.”
2018-10-02 22:54:35